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Save up to 90% on your roaming bills


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Our Story

Why can’t we do better? Many industries are disrupting the juggernauts in terms of innovation and have went far beyond that.

Not only do we want to achieve that, but also provide quality solutions at lower price.

Founded in 2008, SaveLink Corporation is a technology company that became a leading service
provider, providing call-savings solutions at lower costs to such as international direct calls.

But, we did not stop here. We went on to develop our own our mobile apps and introduced low-cost
upon our calling services.

Covid-19 period might see reduced travel numbers, however we realised that Singaporeans are in
need of quality solutions not just in their home but also in their offices and therefore in their
business. Therefore, we have linked up with various of our partners to deliver these quality solutions
at your doorstep, at lower costs.

Today, we boast a diverse range of services: SaveReno, SaveTech, SaveCorp, and our flagship
SaveChat service.

Client's Feedback

see what our clients say about us

" I have been using SaveChat's roaming for almost 3 years now whenever I go traveling overseas. I am glad to have found this company. "

Ishita Malhotra

SaveChat Client

" SaveCorp has saved me thousands of dollars on accounting fees. I used to engage an account at a way higher price as compared to SaveCorps fees. "

pexels-ba-phi-1752126 (1)
James Lee

SaveCorp Client

" Contacted SaveTech to create a website for my photography business and they completed it within a week at a very low cost. Thank you! "


SaveTech Client

" I am an interior designer, finding sub-contractors at the very last minute whenever I need more manpower is difficult as their charges are expensive. I engage SaveReno for their manpower and was amazed by their quality. "

Imran B

SaveReno Client

About the company

Established in 2008, SaveLink started out by providing IT solutions to businesses that are expanding. Since then, they have realized that many businesses and households are in need of tailored digital services at lower prices during the trying times. We realize this need not be the case.

In 2015, we developed our own backend system and mobile app to save up to 90% of their roaming bills.

In 2020, our multi-business services extend to other industries, as we recognized cost-saving solutions. Our multi-business corporation IT solutions, technology solutions.

We are not stopping here. We are also open to more ideas if it brings cost savings value to
everyone anyone. If you think you have a service you would like to provide at a lower rate, call us for a meetup.

SAVELINK GROUP… … Link you for savings in the sectors we specialize in

Our Founder

Steve Koh

Founder & Director

As founder and director, Steve Koh is the leading visionary behind the SaveLink
Corporation. Backed with 12 years of experience in the IT and marketing
sector, he aims to bring cost-saving solutions to businesses and households.

He founded SaveLink Corporation with the intention to connect both growing,
established businesses and to the growing demand of quality yet cost efficient
in Singapore.

Having been in the telecommunication business since year 2008, he has won accolades Singapore Entrepreneurs’ Award in his early 30’s, awarded by Ms Denise Phua Lay Peng, MP of Singapore & Mayor, Central Singapore District.
With his vast experience, he is sure to deliver quality services at lower costs.